Essential Medicina

Our mission is to support you on your journey towards health, wellbeing, happiness, and even enlightenment.  We do this by providing nourishment for the Essence: that part of you that is eternally wise, divinely inspired, radically innovative, and inherently creative.  The world needs you at your best, so may you find the Medicina to restore your vitality and focus, to keep you radiant and well-resourced, and to fuel your pilgrimage to a sustainable and brilliant future.  In short, our mission is to be the Cup that Wakes you Up and supports you to fulfill your mission.  

"All in all, we are big fans. The experience was there - so warm, delicious, and such a good way to start the day. The taste was smooth and the benefits, a major bonus. The good vibes and immortal feelings lived-on with us all day. For real." ~Lunya Blog 


Tonic Latte Recipe

Here's a quick video to show you how to make an Adrenal Essence Tonic Latte! This same recipe and preparation can be used with any of our blends.  You can use whatever sweetener you prefer.

1 tsp Adrenal Essence powder
1/2 Tbsp sweetener of choice (optional)
10oz steamed or warm milk of choice (almond, coconut, organic whole...)

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