Our Partners

Paying it forward.

A portion of proceeds from Essential Medicina goes to support those who inspire us the most. Our focus is on education, and the organizations we support are dedicated to educating youth and preserving wisdom traditions each in their own unique setting and manner. Every year we sponsor a growing number of students' education for the entire year and whenever possible, we journey to cultivate our own relationship with these special young visionaries. We are grateful to you for helping us to help others, and grateful to the following organizations for their great work in the world, for their mutual support, and for helping us fulfill our mission to bring Essential Medicina to the world.

Inkarri International

The Buddha Maitreya Project:

We actively support the Tibetan Gaden Shartse monastery in southern India. The monks subsist on donations and sponsorships. Each monk needs $120 per year for their upkeep and study materials. If you want to sponsor a monk or in someway support or collaborate with the World Tour for Inner Peace, please contact us.

Watch this inspiring video to learn more about the Buddha Maitreya Project.

Inkarri Project:

The Q’eros are the last living descendants of the Incan ancestry, and carry the spiritual traditions and healing knowledge of their extraordinary legacy. Five hundred years ago, when the Spanish conquistadors came, the Q’eros went into hiding to a remote area high up in the Andean mountains. Here they remained, and mostly unknown to the world, until 1949. Their living conditions, some at 15,000 feet, are primitive and extremely challenging.

To support the Q’eros in conserving their dwindling culture, Inkarri funds the school in Charcapata, has constructed a community center in Marcachea, is building a students’ residence in Cusco, and has an enduring commitment of continuous aid, specifically to the children of this ancient lineage. Through our Q’ero Child Education Sponsorship program, we provide for the educational needs of the children by subsidizing their continuing education.


New Earth: Transforming Future Leaders

New Earth Arts and Leadership Center

New Earth provides mentor-based arts, educational, and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system involved youth ages 13-25 to transform their lives, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize their full potential as contributing members of our community.

The New Earth Arts and Leadership Center opened in August 2015 in Culver City, California. The center is a comprehensive re-entry center that includes educational programs, a career-training center, computer lab, music studio, case management, and other services focused on life skills and leadership.

To learn more about this inspiring work, check out this video!