Our Roots

The roots of Essential Medicina run deeper than deep, so deep in fact that there are few places on Earth to which we cannot offer our profound gratitude for their generous contribution and collaboration.  Our formulations and products draw from the great and ancient medicine traditions of the East, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine, as well as from the wisdom traditions of the three Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and even the oceans, lakes, rivers and waterways between them.  Many would say that the spirits or Essences of these plants are far more ancient than we can imagine, claiming their origins alongside humanities long gone, and some even cite their origins aeons beyond, among the stars.  We are but stewards and humble students of the miracles that these plants work on a daily basis, and it is truly an honor to be in service to their mission to bring the magic of their Essential Medicina to you. 

In a more local sense, our vision dates back to the early childhood of one of our founders, Dr. Eric Baumgartner, and the simple trinity of a boy observing his parents’ love for the garden.  Doctor and teacher, his father and mother shared a common appreciation and kinship with the plants and the earth that planted seeds which would sprout as he set out on his own life’s journey.  It was years later during a pilgrimage in the heart of central México that this innate and organic friendship with plants began to mature, awakening him to the power of plants as medicine.  From there on, no matter where he went, the plants of that region found a way to stretch out their verdant limbs and beckon him forward on the path to becoming a doctor of natural medicine. 

After years of living abroad, studying herbs and medicine traditions from around the world, and formally graduating with a license to practice herbalism and acupuncture, Eric was recruited to facilitate the opening of what may have been among the world’s very first global organic herb pharmacies in Venice, California.  It was there for the first time that he was able to begin to incorporate both local and global botanicals, using the sophisticated architecture of Chinese classical formulations and enhancing them with fresh, vital, superfoods and medicinals from other traditions.  The results were astounding, and some of the early prototypes developed during those years as a Lead Herbalist can be seen reflected in the formulations we use today. 

Our current formulations are the culmination of 10 years of clinical practice, mentorship in Functional medicine, and Doctoral level research in Oriental medicine.  They are the answer to the problems facing so many in the world today:  How can I support my body to adapt to the high level of stress that is “normal” in the modern world?   How can I have enough energy and focus to be amazing all day long without relying on caffeine and sugar?  How can I restore my body after a period of intense stress and burnout?  And best of all: Can it be as easy and taste as good as my morning latte? 

The answer to all your questions is right in your cup...Essential Medicina Tonic Lattes.