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Adrenal Essence Tonic Latte Blend 120g/4.2oz

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Organic and wildcrafted herbs

Energy without caffeine

Doctor formulated

No sweeteners

Paleo and Keto and Vegan friendly

Sustainable energy for a busy lifestyle

Unlike caffeine and other stimulants that give you a quick pick-me-up and then leave you burnt out, the Adrenal Essence formula will provide a boost to your energy immediately, and also replenish the deep reservoir of Essential energy that is necessary for true health, vitality, and longevity.

The Adrenal Essence formula brings together the magic of botanical ingredients

With a focus on herbal Adaptogens—herbs that help the body to adapt better to stress. These super foods are designed to be taken in small amounts over a long period of time to support a long and prosperous life.

Drawing on ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

The Amazon rainforest, pristine marine botanicals, enhanced with nutrient dense superfoods, and informed by modern medical research, this formula will deliver sustainable energy that will increase over time.

We are Committed to your Greatness

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


An Invigorating Blend of Essential Herbs to Nourish and Restore your Life Force

In a world where there are never enough hours in the day for all the work we have to do, and a “normal” stress level is 12 on a scale of 1-10, an apple a day is just not enough to keep your body and mind healthy.  

This Herbal formula may help to:

  • Improve energy and mood
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and alert
  • Balance the effects of chronic stress
  • Improve stress response and adaptability
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Boost metabolism and encourage healthy weight
  • Promote deep and restful sleep
Ingredients -

Organic Ashwaganda powder, Organic Cordyceps powder, Organic Goji fruit powder, Organic Gynostemma powder, Organic American Ginseng powder, Organic Red Maca powder, Organic Dang Gui powder, Organic Reishi powder, Organic Mucuna powder, Wildcrafted Raw Pine Pollen powder, Purified Shilajit, Organic Camu Camu powder, Organic Spirulina, Organic Dulse powder. *Contains tree nuts (pine)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Debra G.

Not crazy about the taste. But with some honey it’s good. It’s a bit pricey too!!

William R.
Really like this.

Really like this.

Karl Shin
! Such a calming

! Such a calming

Bonnie P.
So much goodness in small package!

I’m on my second purchase of this product. At first I was surprised by the size of the package; it had so much goodness inside that I just gave it a shot.... it’s lasted quite a while! I use it in smoothies! It’s the only product I’ve found to have so many of the beneficial ingredients I was looking for in one package.

Great way to get adaptogens!!

I ordered directly from essential Medicina after seeing their products at my ND’s office.
It may sound a little unusual, but my end he also has an organic juice and smoothie bar that they run along with their office. They offer adrenal support as an add on to their smoothies and juices. I did that several times and definitely felt a little more energetic during the day. I bought the product for myself and I’m using it in my morning Matcha or or golden milk.
It is a great add on to creamy warm drinks and I know I’m doing good for my body