A Tonic Latte is a combination of herbs used to make the base for a blended drink with your choice of milk, much like espresso is used in a cafe latte. Tonic herb powders are combined into our "Tonic Latte" blends and are ready for you to add to your choice of milk or milk substitute at home. A tonic herb is one that is believed in traditional herbalism to strengthen the body over time, to replenish depleted energy, and to help the body to adapt better to stress. These herbs are also called "adaptogens" (see below). There is no caffeine in any of our blends, only whole powdered tonic herbs and superfoods. In some areas you can order one of our lattes at your local coffee shop, health food store, or restaurant. Some of our customers take their jar of herbs to their favorite local barista and ask them to whisk up a cup by adding a little hot water to the herbs and then pouring over steamed milk, just like a cappuccino or latte.

An adaptogenic herb or "adaptogen" is an herb that is considered by traditional herbalism, especially Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, to be strenthening to the body over time. In particular, this superior class of herbs help the body to adapt better to stress and thus to perform better under pressure. Perhaps even more interesting is the belief that these herbs actually adapt to the needs of each individual, acting with an innate intelligence depending on the circumstances and demands of the moment. In the case of our formulas, one person who is feeling exhausted may experience a boost of energy, whereas someone who is tired but unable to rest due to a "wired" feeling may experience deep relaxation and rest, both while taking the same formula. All of the adaptogens in our formulas belong to the class of herbs which have been revered for thousands of years for their ability to help the body to do its job better. They are generally considered to be safe and to have the best effect when used in small amounts over a long period of time.

All of our formulas are designed to support you in different ways, yet you'll find some overlapping ingredients and benefits. We recommend trying them all, as each formula has a unique focus and each individual is also unique.

We cannot provide legally provide any medical advice so if you have any doubts we recommend asking your heath care practitioner. If you are interested in getting specific advice and scheduling appointment with our founder or another qualified herbalist, you can visit our sister site at www.FunctionalMedicina.com

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