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Uphold Flower Essence

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Organic and wildcrafted herbs

Energy without caffeine

Doctor formulated

No sweeteners

Paleo and Keto and Vegan friendly

There are moments in our lives when it feels like everything is falling apart.


When the fire burns through and leaves our inner landscape feeling barren and raw, exposed and vulnerable, with nothing to prevent us from falling into negativity.  Wild cucumber is the very first plant that emerged after the 2017 wildfires in Ojai, exploding like a multi armed blanket reaching out to hold the hillsides in place, literally anchoring the soil, stones, and the charred remains in place to allow the healing to begin, and giving the animals shelter and the people in the valley below a reason to exhale and find hope again. This courageous and selfless plant spirit gives us the strength to stand when the earth beneath our feet feels unsteady, stabilizing and grounding us long enough for the storm to pass, to allow other support to arrive, to give us the space to take a few deep breaths in order to see the possibility of what’s next. Uphold is the first responder on the scene when the world gets turned upside down, and keeps us centered, rooted, and in our deepest integrity so we can continue to be present and show up for what is being asked of us.  Uphold reminds us that no matter what is happening outside, we are always held by a greater Love and wisdom that can guide us through.


  • -Feeling supported during difficult transitions
  • Knowing you are never alone
  • Reassurance when feeling uncertain about the future
  • Strength to continue when your world is changing quickly
  • Courage in the aftermath of tragedy, trauma
  • Safe embrace when feeling vulnerable
  • Restoring integrity after times of failure, loss
  • Accessing Love and inner Wisdom during times of deconstruction
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