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A few of the gifts from the flowers of that magical season are shared here, with Mt. Shasta spring water infused with the delicate, wild, pristine blossoms that came out to share their superpowers:  Uphold, Patience, Commitment, Purity, Aspire, Sovereignty. 

We all have moments when our lives are in transformation, in fact it seems to be the new normal.  And we all could use the gentle and powerful reminders and support that nature offers. 



This family of flower essences was born in the wake of the devastation of the Thomas Fires of 2017 that swept through Ojai and surrounding areas.  Although these lands are well adapted to fires, and the element of fire forms an essential part of the delicate balance of the natural world, the extent and severity of this burn was greater than any in California history up to that time, and reveals yet another testimonial of the deeper imbalance and loss of relationship between humans and the environment. 

While we as humans are slow to forget, and many of us are still recovering in some way from the trauma of that experience, nature is, and has always been, showing us the way towards healing:  Healing ourselves by coming back into right relationship with nature. 

Each of these flower essences was created in the first wildflower bloom after the Thomas Fires.  The winter and spring of 2018 was tremendously bleak, with terrifying mudslides, erosion, and then months of moonscape dust storms and extreme heat.  And yet…the fire is not only about destruction.  Yes, it burns away the old, but it also renews. 

The following spring brought the most abundant and diverse wildflower bloom that had been seen in decades, maybe more.  The understory literally reached out its arms and held the mountains in place, decorating the blackened hills and charred trunks with twinkling stars of every hue, lighting up the land with the energy of life, rebirth, and the promise of a new earth that began to emerge. 

Likewise, the community has been forever changed.  It is hard to say exactly what is different, because everything is different. We are different.  What was not serving this community went up with that fire, and though this place continues to have its challenges, those who lived through that time seem to all agree that despite the apparent tragedy, the results have been miracles and blessings. 


Organic and wildcrafted herbs

Energy without caffeine

Doctor formulated

No sweeteners

Paleo and Keto and Vegan friendly

In a world of uncertainty and instability, where potential risks lurk around nearly every corner, it is not easy to put yourself out there.


Modern life is intertwined with technology and media in such a way that we are constantly being asked to be visible, to be vulnerable, to share the most intimate and private parts of ourselves in a public way. Both socially and in the work place we are constantly racing to keep up, to be seen, to get ahead, and to be better, to make progress at all costs. Often it feels like we have to take leaps of faith, stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown without knowing for sure if there will be steady ground to support our next steps. Though mindfulness and caution are warranted, hesitation and indecision are certainly our enemies as we strive to bring more of our authenticity and expression into the light. The Blue Hyacinth sets an example by sending up a long thin runner almost like a vine, shooting itself into the unknown where it is almost certain to fall. At the top of its arc, it explodes in an unexpected cluster of luminous six-pointed purple stars with golden hearts, the size and weight of which seems impossibly grand. 


  • Strengthen the ability to Commit with certainty
  • Support healthy and authentic expression 
  • Overcome fear of being vulnerable
  • Support when feeling unsupported
  • Grounding for projects that seem like “pie in the sky” 
  • Stay heart centered when facing criticism or doubt
  • Bringing forth beauty under difficult circumstances
  • Support for taking necessary leaps of faith
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