Adrenal Essence Tonic Latte Blend 120g/4.2oz
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Adrenal Essence Tonic Latte Blend 120g/4.2oz

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Sustainable energy for a busy lifestyle

Unlike caffeine and other stimulants that give you a quick pick-me-up and then leave you burnt out, the Adrenal Essence formula will provide a boost to your energy immediately, and also replenish the deep reservoir of Essential energy that is necessary for true health, vitality, and longevity.

Paleo and Keto friendly | Plant-Based

No-Sugar/Sweeteners | Grain-Free 

The Adrenal Essence formula brings together the very best of nature’s pharmacopeia

with a focus on herbal Adaptogens: herbs that help the body to adapt better to stress. These medicinal foods are designed to be taken in small doses over a long period of time to support a long and prosperous life.

Drawing on ancient Ayurveda and Chinese medicine,

the Amazon rainforest, pristine marine botanicals, enhanced with nutrient dense superfoods, and informed by modern medical research, this formula will deliver sustainable energy that will increase over time.


Organic Ashwaganda powder, Organic Cordyceps powder, Organic Goji fruit powder, Organic Gynostemma powder, Organic American Ginseng powder, Organic Red Maca powder, Organic Dang Gui powder, Organic Reishi powder, Organic Mucuna powder, Wildcrafted Raw Pine Pollen powder, Purified Shilajit, Organic Camu Camu powder, Wildcrafted Blue-Green Algae Concentrate, Organic Dulse powder.  *Contains tree nuts (pine)

We are Committed to your Greatness. 

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